Poem – “How many Tears Coincide?” – Romance – 10/8/2020

But a gateway
To your reopened heart.
For the bliss you avoid in my arms,
The silence you abscond from the void
That belongs in my heart.
Buried black
Tresses, that lean back
On the edges of coffin lids,
Measured with the grief on eyelids
For each tear’s fall
In the autumn.

I am red,
The poison of your lips
Buried between me,
Nestled in a heart that leaves me closed
To a hurried solidity.
Can eyes trace your hands
For what you hold, deep in hands
With fingers that can grasp the feeble strokes
Of an uplifted moon?
I can sing you songs of praise,
As you leave the world behind,
Beneath me.

Like beauty that never offers itself
To the sun,
Enriched of colors,
To become ash,
Of a sudden in blindness.
For her love,
I was emptied of emptiness,
And filled with transparency.

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