Poem – “The Rejected Sun” – Romance – 10/9/2020

Leave me,
Faces that never turn
To see the rise of something resplendent,
Something that never curves
Like the froth
Of some continual ocean.

I reject the sun,
As she rejects the moon.
I reject the stars,
As she rejects the sights of sadness.
Little red cheeks
Of us both,
Dampened by cold
Weather, over our brow.

Fog is our scenery,
Like one white cloak over fields,
Tossed and askew,
Like what bleeds in our hearts.
I can sit here, to count the rays.
Can she stand, to taste the tears?

Can she find meaning
In something that always decays?
It is always a light that dies,
Unlike the moon.
To coldness,
Like how I sunk two lips
To a pair of tears.

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