Poem – “She can Dance” – Romance – 10/9/2020

She can rise up
With arms to meet the stars,
As she can call up
Her voice to meet the gates
Of intertwining Heaven.
She can loosen
A step, to make the thousand
Across the rivers I have cried
Out, for her to swim.

She can dance
With singing voice,
As she can dream
With unending choice.
She cannot falter
Without my nudge,
Gentle as it can come to be
Like the sigh of a wilderness,
Like whispers come breathing.

She can chase,
As she can unearth
Herself, from these ruins
Where I have placed her,
As my tears come soaring.

Why won’t she dance,
When I have said her to?
Grief piles higher,
To match her place in Heaven,
For I have ruined plenty, in these hands.

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