Poem – “Laced by Yearning” – Romance – 10/10/2020

Hold your streams,
Can you?
For we are together under the sun,
Flooding our hearts
With oncoming warmth.
For how much love,
Has become our hurt?
How many tears,
Can rock this boat?

We are captivation,
As we are
Holding our scars like breaks in the Earth,
Like fissures
Where bitterness floats up
To our thirst.
A raven has made a nest
In your locks,
Has placed a rope around your neck,
While I fall breathless.

Can we hope,
As we both crawl
Like oceans that never reach shore
For the breath?

Reveal to me
Your disposition,
For I want to cure it,
As I wish to lay your head back
For the ultimate kiss
Upon the curve in your eyes.