Poem – “For the Embrace” – Romance – 10/11/2020

For the thousand words
Left unspoken to the proverbial,
Of a poet and his mark on the page,
To a woman whose eyes danced to the meadow’s tune
Of a hundred sighs that were unbroken
By rocks,
I can embrace you,
Beyond the running ocean,
That to us,
For the thirst of us
Was each tear we could leave on the shore.

And singing
Tunes that capture the gulls,
For I love you
Without a silence in my heart,
Merely the stability
To the sweet understanding of its fulfillment.
Your eyes
Breathe out, as a gaze
The future that startles nothing
Of me.

Like paradise never opened
Its holy gates,
In the gift of a thousand more weddings.
Like scars never opened
As pages for us to dive beneath
And uncover truths, never offered to blinded eyes.
Like our creases
To skin could become the perfections
We both understand,
Leaving dunes upon the ocean’s shore
That is smoothed by our footsteps.