Poem – “Stream those Blackened Tears” – Romance – 10/11/2020

To the pale skin,
A void drips
Tears to stain cheeks that were never tainted
Like this,
Like how the petals in your mouth
Echo your lost screams.
For to shower your existence
With fire
Will only seek to end the coldness
In your relation.

You have eyes that never burn a path
For your naked feet to walk.
You have shoulders, continually caressed
By the hand that would never part.
It motions to twist a delicate stem
As your waist
In firmest grasp, to the dance of your death.

Can a hold
Ever scold you,
While you walk in the daylight?

Creature, discarded.

Love never tied a rope
So well around your throat.
Why that void drips
From all of abandonment’s taste
To its darkness,
Is yet to be answered.
Yet, your eyes bleed, again,
The sorrows of the past,
Unrelated to the future.

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