Poem – “While Symmetry became Calamity” – Romance – 10/12/2020

I can calm the deep
Within thee,
While blue shatters the moon
Bringing to its embrace.
Oh, gravitational pull!
Her eyes are deep in the fog
Of this cityscape,
Though my mind can count the numbers
Of her misplaced self,
Deep in the dead night,
While she hopes in the dead light.

I can quell the terror,
Bleeding from you
As futile error.

I can create serenity
For your symmetry.
I can wield armor, as I wear a weapon,
In your stead.

I can drive your eyes onward,
While blood becomes refreshed
In your hollow veins.

I can rape the sky
To make tears appear from nowhere,
Living sadness
Away from your heart.

I am of many faces,
As I am of many colors,
Sinking waters, as easily as I take them
To the sky.
Love can row itself
To the ends of the earth,
Though I can take herself
To wilt no more, for her birth.