Poem – “Losing Flame” – Romance – 10/12/2020

A sun has set itself
In your heart,
Soon for darkness to be our world.
Whenever did you stop singing
Soon as the children were never there,
Soon as people’s gazes
Fell upon their own feet?

Desperation has taken us,
Dear beauty.
Love is nowhere, but in you.
Though, we are losing you,
Losing flame.

Reddened hair,
Is becoming black as the burned out hearth,
While flesh, that once beheld a gleam,
Becomes white as the ghost in one’s window.
I can lay a kiss upon your dying lips,
Though, will it matter?
You have already seen the moon
With its many shielding faces.
You will become light as the air
Drifting to another facade.

Bleeding our life into the earth,
We never gave ourselves much time
To count the specks of grain
Before all water turned to pain.

18 thoughts on “Poem – “Losing Flame” – Romance – 10/12/2020

      1. I have 2 more poetry volumes planned for release, come mid-November. They will be on Kindle, since I will self-publish them on KDP. It’s just the covers need to be made by the illustrator I hired.

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      2. That’s good to hear. Covers are hard. We ended up using stock that can be used for commercial use. We were disappointed with the ideas some of our friends who work in graphics came up with. The only issue with using stock is that anyone can use the same image on their cover. But still, we figure, with millions of books out there, not many are gonna find the same cover twice unless we picked something too obvious.

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      3. I know 2 illustrators. One is my GF. The other is my closest friend. Interesting combo, that, I suppose.

        I prefer something more organic for a cover. I very much dislike photos or clipart, for a cover. These two illustrators I mentioned hand-draw them.

        And, did I read you right? You work for a publisher? I’m sorry if I didn’t know that, before…

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      4. No, I don’t work for a publisher.

        We have been self-publishing our work. I have been involved in publishing in the past briefly, proofreading and editing, but that was a short term thing. It was helpful though. We have a few friends who work in graphic design, mainly marketing. They played around for us when we told them what we were looking for, but it did not work.

        I like the look of your cover. It is very classic.

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      5. I can’t release “A Slender Little Romance” on Kindle, myself, since I’m under contract by them. I have no control over how it is distributed, publicly. That’s one of the downsides to Traditional Publishing.


      6. Yes. To be honest, I was surprised when that wasn’t done, automatically.

        My novel, however, is on Kindle, since that was done under a different publisher. It’s called “The Roth Overlook”. You can search that one up. 🙂


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