Poem – “Stagnant Hearts” – Romance – 10/13/2020

Leaving yourself
In the wind,
Where tapestries inscribe your name
To wool and linen, bleeding red upon white.
As you, the leaf upon the lake,
Can seek out worlds no one has left,
Because no one arrived.

Where dreams come hurried
To the eyes, where teardrops come dancing
From their storm, to the earth.

Can you raise the petals no storm
Has ever tainted?
Can you dance your eyes on the fallen droplets
That never see the stain of your sight?

You seem to break with every breath,
That falls, from each word
Loosened from your mirthful lips,
And opened to the failing world.

I will break
With thee,
As you float
Onwards, to dynasty.
With eyes centered
Upon harrowing horizons,
I can lift you
To the next bleeding tomorrow.

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