Poem – “By the Long Arms of your Ghost” – Romance – 10/13/2020

Decays, upon the day
When I can no longer embrace
You, beneath the waters,
As I now see only the sand,
Where our soft forms used to land,
And roll.
We are used to our own toll,
Retaining white upon our teeth,
With red around our eyes,
Though, can now transfix ourselves
To the upcoming feat,
Where we shall drop ourselves
To a place hardened by our complexions,

Softened by our sorrows.

To the long white arms
That draw me closer
To the ever-growing tears from my eyes,
I can count smiles that were never closer
To the bringing screams of a death,
For one last sigh, one final breath.

One love that never whispered
In a dream,
By that fatal scream,
Leaning towards
Where lust creates music on lakes,
Where forms twist, as hearts break.

I can sing you love songs,
Until Cupid punctures himself.
I can hold your hand
Deep in my nights,
Where weddings cannot take place
Way above my head.
I can find you, in the dark,
Never aware, in the light.

I can find you
Crossing over,
Though, will you notice this page’s crease,
Deep in your solace, folded in your peace?

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