Poem – “Without much to Mask” – Romance – 10/13/2020

I can falter,
I can swim
Beneath the scenery you cast forth
From such a pallid stare.
I can worship
Without being on my knees,
The holiness of your unending
You can take your eyes to the sun,
Marking spots where we can run
As our faces cry out
To something we have missed,
That we gather up.

Set your place among the world,
Dear one,
For you have sung a song for great tears
To drop from hollow cheeks,
To be sipped from
By the soil’s own earthen grail.

I wish to hold you,
With nothing to hide
From this face, of mine.
I wish to caress you
In the bleeding me,
Where dreams are no longer fantasy.

I wish to face death with thee,
Under the sky’s own very limit,
As we create oceans to cross,
In the deep of our glances.

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