Poem – “Losing Surroundings” – Romance – 10/16/2020

Into empty circles
Branded with your kisses,
Stained by the blood of your heart.
I can reach
For a void, where you belonged,
Yet, you still shower me in your excessive light,
Leaving love to my arms,
Caressed like a whimpering child.

Leave my own heart
To the storm of your hypocrisy,
That I might terminate
All the blood that flows through your halo,
That I might aggravate
All you filter from your mouth.

The blue nest
Of unguided Heaven,
Where my eyes rest
Is only a pinnacle of my surroundings.
Your stones beneath my feet
Are your shattered glances above my face.

Just a river
Filled with the same tears
We have kept close
Through the same journey,
The same years.

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