Poem – “In Haste, we Let Go” – Romance – 10/19/2020

Like fog
Dancing atop your smeared
While kisses remain steady
To pull me through
The keenest kind of birth
Into your arms.
Like love
Never had a melody to share
With the empires,
And unkind.

One aria
That blew free from your lips
Like red to mix with the wind
Of fleeing shepherds to their flock,
To all they lost.
Your captured memories
Lay lingering upon your beating heart,
Lighting aflame
This moment
Where we can recall all our childish departures,
Like pages that tore off in our hands.

The earth
Shattering under our knees,
Weighing a heart
With two clasped hands,
Mentioning ourselves
To priests,
To God
Who never receives our smiling faces
With a faded weeping.
He listens,
Though does He comprehend?

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