Philosophy – “Why a Mask for a Woman is Half-Necessary” – 10/20/2020

“No strength would be in this world, without the barrier to break down, to see truth that would otherwise shock, should it be shown everywhere. Without the barrier, truth shown everywhere, and we’d be shocked.”

– Modern Romanticism

To the woman who wears a mask, places a shield before her truth, places a barrier before all the flaws a man could accept, any result is the strength of the latter to penetrate it. It is a man who penetrates, either with eyes or his manhood, to see flaws beneath the mask. The beauty. All masks are beautiful. The cosmetic. The cosmetic is the shield, the mask, the barrier.

To the man who must accept all imperfections of a woman, it is the proof of his strength to penetrate such masks, such deceptions, such illusions. To find what a woman most certainly wants, for acceptance unto her flaws, is a man’s ultimate task.

Although, when a woman is told by a current world to dispose of this mask, this deception, this beauty so that she may accept herself, only by herself, there is haughtiness. There is egotism, arrogance, and stubbornness. Where is the man to penetrate? Where is the man, to his strength?

Why bother with seeking relationships, if the woman holds no modesty for the man to pierce? Why bother wishing for love, if one does not understand this? Love, or rather, trust would be needless, if a man cannot come close to a woman, to accept flaws. For he will be tasked to penetrate the mask, to see those flaws. He will be trusted, by her, to accept flaws that are hidden under the curtain of modesty.

When a current world tells a woman to disrobe of the modest barrier, it only results in the lack of strength in men. Men are weak, when they are not challenged of a woman. For a woman, a man has nothing to fix, though everything to accept.

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