Poem – “Endangered You” – Romance – 10/20/2020

Upon the Hell,
Where heated moments
Are everyone’s misfortune,
You seem to call to one
Where hearts are lost,
Failures are timid,
Eyes are scattered, in glances,
Leaving love to the well, where it drops,
Like a curtain over an empire.

I kiss
Sweet roses, farewell,
Over graves, cold and still.
Yet, your hand
Is placed in mine
For me to speak words of warmth
To your crying eyes,
Where no more can come alive,
When nothing else can survive.

His departure
Was your shortened entrance
To a spot,
Where love can no longer dot
The image of your blank face,
Like waters had curved,
Though nothing surfaced,
Nothing burned, like the love
You recognize to be.

Remain to us,
Your beautiful sun,
The heart in you, cannot run,
Nor can you, from the heart.