Poem – “As Love Loses Fragility” – Romance – 10/26/2020

As love,
With the subtle breath
To cull the wind
From her heart,
With the gentleness
To conceal the grieving sighs
That bleed out the echoes of goodbyes.

Like the summer that never waited
Firmly in the plunging day
To make the night on her shoulders.

Like the winter that forever settled
On her loathing eyes,
Forging moments that were never whole.

As life,
To face the torments of Earth
With glee,
Moving to spree
The forms into melting dust,
Like stars of extensive heat,
Losing its place on the seat
That never remains vacant
Without her wonder.

I love
With eyes that speak
More than my lips,
More than my hands,
More than my words.
I remove your bandages
To place your heart in range
Of my stare.