Poem – “Oh, Great Stability” – Romance – 10/26/2020

Oh, how I have formed you
Out of twine for stems,
To make of the newest buds
Your highest face
With lips to kiss,
With grace to never miss.
My eyes are there for you,
As your sigh wanders over hills,
Believing in wonders
We could not ever kill.

We could not ever sweep
All this stability
From our side.
We could not erupt volcanoes,
Leaving traces
Of blood, in the earth,
Where we walk,
Where we talk
With our feet upon the gentlest shore,
With our mirth to gather on the moors.

With our eyes placed on the rising sun,
We can easily depart,
With the haste, that brings us taste
To each other’s weaponry.

We can live
In the eagerness of something fought,
Like life that never died,
Like love that never cried.