“Why should art be a thing of chaos, when it is a thing of order? Is it not a creation, revealing order, opposite from a causation that reveals chaos and disorder? This would mean that all art, of emotions, so disorderly, can only become order when they are confined to their place.”

– Modern Romanticism

There is an imprisonment, so certain for the artist to whatever they create, that it should not be free. From the writer to their page, or the painter who traps their canvas in the frame, nothing of emotions are there to express political ideals. Only logic, and nothing more, should be for the political endeavor. For the artistic endeavor, to free the limited movement of a painting, as emotions to express a political opinion, will cause chaos. To free the sculpture of pure emotion, from being bound to a base, will only cause the chaos that such artistic desires have formed. Formed, for the artistic creation was indeed a creation. It was not an intention for causation, as is the surge of chaos.

The surge of chaos, so much neutered when it is brought to art. For art can only ever be order, when it is bound to its singular imprisonment. When it is never moved, when it is never free, it is art. Art is not free, even when graffiti is limited to a wall, to a surface.

We are artists, when we can create from the chaos that is in our minds. We are those who cause chaos, when we can shout political opinions to the world, in the belief that such emotions, in such verbal language, are free. This is the onset of chaos, objectively so, when we don’t realize that logic is the only endeavor to the political ideal. It is not emotions. For if it were, then no artist upon this world would ever bind neither the sculpture to its base, nor the writing to the page.

Emotions cannot be free for the political opinion or ideal. They can only be expressed, and turned towards the artistic endeavor. This would make the art even confined to the space where it has been branded or placed. It might be the painting trapped in a canvas, as the canvas is trapped in a frame. It might be the musician or theater performer bound to their stage. It is always in the place of the artistic creation, whether from painting, or song, or film, makes the art never free. Once more, if it were free, it would merely result in the chaos that pure emotions, in the art, would cause.

Whoever first said the words, “Art is free”, never understood that art has a place in this world, where the artist is confined. They never understood that the chaos of emotions becomes order, when it is driven into the artistic creation. They never understood that outside of art, pure emotions causes the chaos that is never on the side of creation. They never understood that creation and causation are two opposites, where the former represents order as the latter represents chaos.

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