Poem – “The Dark of Peace” – Romance – 10/30/2020

Eludes the shores,
Of your form in the twist,
Of your shades to be kissed,
Of your wakefulness
Here to be missed.

When you open your mouth
To breathe your horrors,
Call through to me,
When I can weep alongside
The preciousness of you.

When you can sigh
Words that catch the slope
Of sand once fertile,
To new beginnings, I will run
Towards the holiest sun.

The love I hold
In this heart of golden texture
Has me sealed, to your emotion,
To the very motion
Of yourself in the sea,
Of your eyes to soon plea
That your suffering shall stop,
While waking in my arms.

Once more,
Once more
You will fold your tears
Against the barest flesh.

It is the final time
You will see wounds to be undressed,

Among the first time
To see the wildness becoming mildness.

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