Poem – “The Winter of Holding Hands” – Romance – 10/30/2020

How much warmth of summer
Do you feel,
When I touch you, in your trembling?
My hands graze firm
Your shoulders, your neck,
To breathe in a million stars
From your weathering eyes.

Such coldness,
So much oldness
Scars you,
Tears you down,
In fields of waking memory,
Bleeding your eyes dry.

Feel whole,
My bleeding beloved,
For the world cannot scorn you,
So much as I will warm you.

So much as I will revive you,
In newest bloom,
Away from oldest doom.

5 thoughts on “Poem – “The Winter of Holding Hands” – Romance – 10/30/2020

    1. Yes. I’ve been trying to discover a different source of inspiration, soon when my life became more stable.

      2 years of continuous fear and depression had me questioning the next day. Though, I would still continue to write. It can be engaging to creativity when your life is a mess, and that was your source for writing material. Now when things are better for me, I suppose I am forced to draw upon a feeling of contentment, to write works that deal with hope.

      Do you think I succeeded with this one? As in, do you think I should continue to write like this, based on what I just said?

      1. Yes, you succeeded with this one. A poet always writes what he, she feels so it will always spill in your work no matter what. I been reading your work for some time now, so I know the difference. I think there was a freshness in this verse. I loved it. It actually is more beautifully sensual when the feelin of love is mutual so do your creativity with these positive vibes .

      2. I will continue to do that, then. 🙂

        It’s also a good point to make when a writer/poet can understand both sides of the coin. That they’re not there to always compete, though to sometimes realize they cannot live completely apart from each other.

      3. You write beautifully so wherever your heart takes you , go there . It’s a blessing to be so gifted.
        Have yourself a safe weekend, Poet.

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