Poem – “Leaving Bridges Behind” – Romance – 11/1/2020

Oh, love,
Marry me
Where winter can sleep,
Where feelings can rush
From somewhere deep.
I can quit the storm
Above my eyes,
Would you to take my hand,
Gathering the petals
Of a fertile and eternal
Beautiful spring.

We have crossed
Ways that were so crooked,
Lines that were too narrow,
While we loved with a bleeding sight,
While we lived in the course of fright.
Take my golden hand
To stir your feelings, in transparent waters
No longer murky by the failures
Of a soiled existence.

Bleed with me,
Like two cupids exiting from arrows,
Screeching towards the simplest target
Of love,
Without tears,
Without engraining fears,
Without the trace that marks the red
Stemming from our wrists
To be a taste upon our tongue.