Philosophy – “Why Living in the Moment is a Sign of Low Intelligence” – 11/3/2020

“Has not the average person been aware of their steps, ahead? Is it a commitment to fear, to stay where one is? The future always looks the bleakest to those who cannot face it. They would rather see the light of the moment, as it grows larger with each waiting hour that passes.”

– Modern Romanticism

All long-term effects are the greater outcomes, regardless of one’s opinion upon them. A low intelligence is often the sign of personal disregard for responsibility. For to “live in the moment”, is to lack responsibility. How is it? Why not step forward, if one wishes to face where one lacks a choice? It is in a person’s dutifulness, to comprehend that “lacking a choice” means to do the selfless thing. It is the case, while “living in the moment” means to know what one has, though will never gain. Of wisdom, which is there in the future, makes the person comprehend that life is never lived, while we are stilled and frozen.

It must be, that in the comprehension of potential betrayal to what one holds close to heart, that to “live in the moment” is to defend oneself. A personal weakness, this is, for to be frozen, never to drag the dead weight that are one’s own memories, makes the person without a desire to take a risk. Reality is not meant to bend to one’s own decisions, though to one’s own indecisions. As in, when no one has a choice, people take a risk, and take back their freedoms. To step into the future, is that risk, and is that lack of a choice. For what nation under the shadow of a tyrant, has not restricted choice? If that be the case, then it is in the people’s dutifulness of lacking choice, to take them back. We are most responsible to do right, when control is upon us, and we can return our freedoms to us.

We are not free when we are bound to restriction, nor are we free when we lack the courage to take back what we recognize most. If we recognize darkness, then we should be willing to take the moment’s light, to reveal what awaits, ahead.

Humans are bound by their obligations to have something more. But, when all we hold is a nothingness, we are inevitably committed to take back what we know to be everything.

The long-term of effects, is always how we decide our future by abstaining from the mere moment. It is to comprehend fear, sleep with fear, and breathe fear. It is to know it, hold it, and make love to it. It is to find fear, bring it home, to understand it. If we cannot be willing to plunge our bodies into risk, we are dead. For is the corpse not stiff? Is the corpse not frozen, without movement of blood? It was due to our death, because of fear, and because we did not swallow it. We merely allowed ourselves to drown.


  1. I disagree most profusely. Living in the moment is freeing oneself of clinging to that which we cannot choose and also recognising that the world cannot always bend to our expectations. You say tyrants restrain choice but then say that the duty of men is ‘to comprehend [they] are “lacking a choice”. What circular and despotic logic you live by. I will have no part of it.


    1. My views have somewhat changed since I wrote this post, last November.

      I cannot even remember what I wrote in here, so I will have to re-read it.

      These days, I believe that tyrants do not restrain choice, though actually allow more of it than necessary. The choice for safety, rather than allowing freedom, is much like wanting an excuse over being responsible to wrongdoing.

      Again, I will have to re-read what I wrote in here…


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