Poem – “I can Stow a Petal for you” – Romance – 11/4/2020

Loosen your crown,
To awaken without a frown.
Leave alone the waves,
That you might not break
With form against the rocks,
With eyes against the clock
Of your splitting life.

Folding you
In my mind, where currents
Cannot hide.
Not from the spaces
Where they reside.

Twin worlds apart
Refrain from bending to the dark.

Little beats of a solaced heart,
Like tears that petal down
To make red leaves atop the ocean’s crest
Of waves to meet the stars
To find something natural
In settling scars.

You leave alone
Your rain, to yet be gained
Of the same sort of pain
That never loosens, never engrains
Your eyes where they are needed,
In the dirt, where they are seeded.