Poem – “Holding the Horizon Steady” – Romance – 11/4/2020

Holding your hopes,
Gathered like thunder.
Holding your heights,
Wishful to forever.
Making peace with the darkness
Outside of you,
That I might be near to you
In lasting caress.

Wishing for night to close itself
Upon the darkest eye,
Holding sentences upon a plate,
Merging words to a second state,
And crushing feathers
Where should be rocks.

You awaken
To a morning of no sunrise,
For I stare,
And you reach, as you dare
To pick up the shelter, at your feet
To row the world to sleep.

I hold the horizon
For the steadfast of steadiness,
Sealing the curtain around the dawn,
That we might spend the night
Thinking of dreams we can catch
That merely floated by.