Poem – “The Simplest Kiss” – Romance – 11/5/2020

Wash me,
Undress you
To curves that rival the Earth,
For lips of mine
Stained by red of your moving mouth,
Leaving words to run
Down my barren throat.

Like falls that are unified
From the starkest division,
Of your fingers through the curtains
Of your fragrant tresses,
Like the stillness of unmoving blood
Can become the running tides,
The echoing flood.
For I consume
Each droplet of each unused word.

How you are
To the winter of my nights,
The oncoming spring
That buries my frights,
From the brightest wings,

To take back the coldest blights
Of me, in the stagnant wilderness.

Your kiss,
My fingers that row
Against your ungiven flesh
Make sounds so even
Of you.
When I take you
Over skies as warm as the waters
That dance on your lips,
You make smiles, that speak the symmetry.

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