Poem – “Understanding Torment” – Romance – 11/11/2020

My eyes
Sought rain,
Upon the days
I could
Have my way.
Down the roads
Where the droplets fell
To heaviness,
To the weariness
Of my battered heart.

My mind
Seeks solace
Upon the softest ground
Where your wings did lift
Like an angel, spread
Over the fairest earth,
As though sands sought elsewhere
Other than
The crimson over your eyes.

Just a slender finger,
I can weave
Around the night’s drops from one
Velvet, caressed moon,
Where my pain used to reside,
In faces, indescribable,
Among faces, unmemorable,
In lakes, of depth unfathomable,
Of words, so measureless.

My heart
Seeks the answer
I have been waiting for
Under blanketing cancer,
Spreading unlike your wings
In the fairest earth.
An answer
From dust, to gold,
From rust, to you,
To behold.