Poem – “Hope for One Last Winter” – Romance – 11/12/2020

Endless days
Of carrying this promise on board
A vessel of frozen boards,
A crystallized helm
Steering myself from the sadness,
Wherever I could weigh
This heaviness
To a different darkness.

One hope
To let shine upon my stuck feet,
Melting the sinew and bone,
Leaving me
As the statue of stone.
One shine of silver
Where gold lifts itself from my heart
In remembrance of her.

Into this darkness,
I steer this broken ship
Wielding the whip
For I am the master to the slave
I have enabled myself.
Into the spring
Where warmth curls like a child
In the comforting corner.

In the ocean
I see my mirrored reflection
Of something sinister,
Like attempting to discern
Friend from foe.

Each tear leaves a trail backwards
To the stilled sun,
Before the frozen moon.
I leak waters
Like making rain
From my weary heart.