Poem – “Her Beauty Steals Me” – Romance – 11/13/2020

Of each tear
To plod its naked voyage
Atop these trembling cheeks,
While I speak
To her, in the sequence of dreams,
Letting arms burn within arms,
Leaving dust to mark each place
Where I cried.

Oh, beautiful
Graces upon shoulder-tops,
Of flesh cast in marble
Warm to the emptiness
Of this barren heart.
Love-covered eyes,
And hands concealed in gold,
Wielding her name
Upon the edge of my tongue.

Finding rain in the afterlife,
Losing tears on her slender neck,
Kissing her to drown
In all of my erupting flames.
There are eyes to see the fog
That drifts across my back,
While there are hands to feel the shape
In graces that never slack.

5 thoughts on “Poem – “Her Beauty Steals Me” – Romance – 11/13/2020

    1. Sadly, I’ve reached a bit of a creative burnout…

      I can’t write many words, without feeling like they look wrong, or feel wrong, or echo back to me wrong.

      But, thank you for offering your appreciation, with the re-blog. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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