Poem – “A Farewell to my Father” – Fathers – 11/20/2020

I hold
What seems to be
Time’s cruel carelessness.
A hand that masks itself
Under coats,
Though wasn’t the cold to tremble
His fingers,
But fear.

Wants him to move
To a place
Where a future can prove
A broken man,
A hollow man
Who stains the air with his stare,
Sunken in sickness.

Moves him to a place
Where slowness breathes for him,
Fading him,
Keeping him in the arms
Of a one who knows to caress
Shoulders that bleed for shoulders,
Swipe tears that yearn for hands
Of utmost comfort.

Tides carry him
Towards seasons of cold,
Where blood can run so old.
To warmth’s remaining concealment
Of a patient son
Who can fold his arms around
His dying father,
Can set him apart from the winter.

To hope’s return
Where ongoing life
Can remain.

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