Poem – “You Love, with Setting Eyes” – Romanticism – 11/24/2020

The dark
In your field of vision
Soars us.
We are as
Stars to this hateful galaxy,
Leaving wishes upon the roaming night
Where space collides with space.

You love
With each song released
From your ink-dipped tongue,
While the black in your stare
Allows us to wander,
Allows us to be aware

To the melting snow

Creating puddles
For our sorry expressions.

I can see the sadness we drop
From noses and eyes.
I can feel our hands closing a chapter,
Loving each word to collapse,
In the dark upon the white,
In the universe upon the starry night,
Wrapping our heads, by a crown.

A crown, with jewels of stars,
As our eyes see the ever-watching
Darkness of forever.

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