Poem – “A Heart in a Bottle” – Romanticism – 11/25/2020

I yearn
While the moons cross
Hazes upon the misty fields,
To you,
Listening to your heart
With its extended reverberations
To my unforgotten vows.

I hear you
Across the blue
Waves, we’ve come across,
Has been our barricade to an eternity,
In arms.
Is it an empty space
Or our time to speak?

Of loss and requiem,
Come to
Bandage the tears that roam
From East to West,
From pain to loving rest.
Hear to
The hearts that clash together.

Like waves made of our tears,
With movement forged
Of our sighted tension.
Your beauty
Is a begotten paradise,
Made of strolling tresses,
Among eyes that cease me.

Tasting temptation
From scents the ocean leaves,
Blotting our horizons,
As we see ourselves,
In back-to-back reflections.

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