Poem – “Closing you, in Weak Arms” – Romanticism – 11/26/2020

By a certain loneliness,
As was the creed of you,
The rule
To which you were bound,
Like the book with hardest cover,
Not to the truth of its pages.
Yet, I love what drops
From the wreath above your head,

As leaves to the Autumn awakening.
Here, your lips stream the path
For your feet, to my weakened arms.

Go across,
Speak this name of mine,
As it brands itself to your flesh.
Your tears come as diamonds,
As your fingers are like candles,
Wicked with flame.

What love,
You have lost.
Joys do not know you,
As trust has always left you
To dine on the dust
Beneath your feet.

My plan
To have you wrapped
In truest intention,
Places my heart upon the altar,
That you might hear it beat,
That you might live
Beneath the sheets
Where I possess you.

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