Poem – “Little Life in Autumn Leaves” – Romanticism – 11/27/2020

She starts to remember
How the ocean began,
Of naked tears, to outdrawn fears,
Little more than a scratch upon the sky
To cause this downpour,
Forming the largest puddle.

She starts to remember
Her heart, bleeding wide open,
As a doorway, without barrier,
Without restriction.

How much she loves in the morning,
With eyes full of dew!

How much she lives in the evening,
Broken, yet brand new.

I, too, can see the past
Remembering how we did last,
Of hearts swollen in the night,
Of teardrops creating shadows,
Losing light.

Her hair, full of embers,
Flame resides in the strands,
Individual and woeful,
Yet, I bring her aboard
A vessel, for the teeming ocean.

A life, lasted in pain,
To then a wife,

Graceful and tame.