Poem – “Born so Beautiful” – Romanticism – 11/28/2020

Sprout thee,
Delicate majesty.
Your face is sculpted for me
To see.

The storm you wash me
In bedeviled tranquility,

Has me wander,
Has me breathe

The whisking fantasies
Beneath moonlit ecstasies.

Can this love be pure,
Upon your frail form?

Can you see the tides we create
On winter’s life, swept?
Like white curtains atop
Your barren, black eyes,
A bleak sunset
Shrouded by frost.

I have come to take you aside,
Hold you, in the afterlife,
Breathe you, in the cruelest strife,
Fold you about my arms,

Loving you, where Autumn walks,
Living you, where beauty defeats
Me, to my knees
That I might be a child, once more.

Kissing you
Under the rain,
Cures my pain,
Washes stains.