Poem – “How I Chase, to Avoid” – Romanticism – 12/2/2020

Each grace,
Stumbling over
Your expressionless
Bleeding and kneeling
Beneath the sun,
In the path of your startled

I move,
Towards your world,
Apart from mine,
In the green oceans,
With the blue lands.

I lift
Boulder after boulder
From you,
While you were trapped
Under pebbles, so heavy,

Inside a coffin, so light.

I rain
Teardrops to you,
Singing grief
Under this blank curtain.

Can a glimpse of some other love
Touch you, to rise?
Can light be that which departs
The black from the white?

Stains of pure oceans,
Of sadness that will not give
Away its message,
Unless for earth to cross it out.

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