Poem – “With Tears Set” – Romanticism – 12/5/2020

Holding hands with the wind,
Hearing your heart

Leak between the bandages,
For you are as wounded as the Earth
With tears that are set,
Like a descended sun.

I go with the sounds
Of your thumping chest
To courses that move me,
As storms that may love
With lights that break the skies
Wide open.

I hear a tear fall,
With your eyes, set to the sun,
Lifting your wings
On the dreaded horizon
Where I seek to send my vessel
On its sinking voyage.

Blood crosses against blood,
As stones crack against
The pressures, of a buried life,
That enjoys its moments in leaving freedom,
Like snow that wastes no moments
To melt into unending rivers.

I feel a tear nestle
Into my somatic skin,
To be ivory crossing into ivory.

I feel the wind against nature’s breath,
Sleeping with the miles across statues
Lifted from the earth, to weep.

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