Philosophy – “Why Representation can go to Hell” – 12/12/2020

“Pride is restricted for the achievement, though only when it bases itself upon selfless acts of objective nobility. Pride is restricted for the self’s own image, though only when it bases itself upon the selfish inactions of both inward and outward negligence.”

– Modern Romanticism

Freedom corrupts itself when it is taken to the materialistic convenience, for a person. Freedom is pure, when we neutrally comprehend it as something pertaining to the heart, of love, for things that break ourselves from confinement. We are free, only when we believes ourselves to be, and never a victim. It is that “freedom” can only be itself, when we never ask for it, never plead for what we already possess. When we never plead for something we innately possess and can share, is when we understand ourselves as always being free. When we do plead for something already possessed, we turn to materialism. Then, “freedom” becomes merely about “who has the most”.

Representation of image is for the sake of sheer vanity. One wishes themselves to be a reflection of how elevated only materialism has made them. They were offered the convenience of being fattened to the point where they always glance upwards at their master. They are the slaves of materialism and convenience. They believe themselves not free, unless someone hands them “attention” upon a platter.

When we state we are victimized, then we are as any fly for the frog’s tongue. When one is fattened, they are soon to be consumed. Metaphorically so, for it is the person who wants more for themselves, who soon possesses no humility left, that another then wishes to become as they are. They become as the disease, spread as lard to make the meal for another’s consumption. As it is, lust is the heat that boils everything able to be consumed. When one consumes, they are soon to be consumed. The slow herd is able meat for the starved carnivore.

Representation of image always reflects back-and-forth mentality of the average consumer, making each person the bread to someone else’s hunger. To each thing that grows with quickness, of each element that spreads with the same speed, such as the fat or lard, such as the flame, it is the growth of a hungry population.

All this marks what is a human’s hunger to be represented. It is merely the hunger of being known, among a population too overgrown. Such means that one wishes to appear the largest. One’s own ego, massive enough to stand above the rest, is only the representation of vanity for the sake of itself.

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