Poem – “A Piece Torn from Unison” – Romanticism – 12/12/2020

Returning closer
With each fallen step
To your empire, beneath Earth,
Where coldness suits you,
The swimming devils about you.
Loving with roses attached
To my undone fingers,
Holding hands
With the sweeping wind,
I still reside in the idleness.

Knots were my craving of thorns,
A beating heart in a circus of heat,
Rust upon a mountain
Spewing crimson raindrops.
Each thing of me
Withering to the display of decay,
Brings me closer
To the reminder of you
Gently drawing back,
As a recession into time’s embrace.

Like waves where each thing
Eventually sinks,
After its fall.
To the ocean where black,
Sinister decay
Is the trail to guide my way,
I can station upon what floats,
The message of a heart
Carried in a vessel,
Frozen of blood.

Departed of image to the repair,
Beyond the hopes
Of what cannot replace
The simplest thought of you.

My hunger increases
To each barren moment
The lesser of me
Finds the greater of you.

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