Philosophy – “No Bravery in Feeling Weak” – 12/14/2020

“Turn to that person who is undergoing sobbing, to the person who holds the noose about their neck. You are their strength, their pillar to lean on, as it cannot be them. In your mind, it should not be the case that they’d suffer, alone.”

– Modern Romanticism

There is no beauty in development. Of people’s tears, to say that it requires strength to weep, are words from those who share the same weakness. It is the weakness of neglect.

Those who weep, feel weak. Those who encourage another to cry, may as well be those who engaged the pain. How is it to the blindness of a person, who encourages another to weep, in pertaining their push to that, as strength or a show of it? It is not. Those who weep, always cry, feel weak, for that is what we must perceive of them.

It heads to the next level. We say that a person who attempts suicide, was brave. How much can we save, versus how much we can encourage? Again, those who believe suicide attempts were acts of bravery, may as well be direct encouragements for one to end their own life.

How many save lives, within their own vocation? Their profession works in the manner of nobility. Even more, how many have the heart to do it, independently of material gain? How many seek to repair, rather than to encourage another to crumble? How many step forward to become the friend of a person, instead of saying they must weep without one? Is it to a person’s depression that makes them suffer, or is it in what they lack or what was lost?

Does a person who is awarded a medal to their nobility, for their courage in saving another’s life, pertain as well to a person who ended their own life that no one saved?

Love sees no history that isn’t worth forgiving, to say that it has been forgotten, in the perception that a future can be better off without burden.

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