Philosophy – “Not the Depression that ever Hurt – A Critique to Psychiatry” – 12/14/2020

“Things which are lost, become phantoms, become memories of something physically present to trust. Now, trust is procreated, in something lifeless, injected, and said to be sterile or safe enough to cure an absence.”

– Modern Romanticism

To the psychiatrists who have believed a patient suffers from depression, suffers from anxiety, is not the sort able to differ “presence” from “absence”.

Is not the person who suffers from their loss, feeling depression to ring songs on their ribcage, pained by tension to knot the stomach, most truly suffering from absence? A lacking, to something, to what is needed, not for what is convenient to have. It is a fact, that convenience does not relate to necessity. And, for what is needed in one’s life, has felt for eons that it “cannot be lived without”.

To be loved, or to have shelter, is to recede from the cold into warmth. To have water, is to be malleable. To have food, is to be carved into shape. For each of these three things, it is shelter which the surviving person desires the most.

To be lost, perhaps in a wilderness, is much like the feeling of loneliness, of abandonment, in one’s own mind. To be without, is to be depressed. To wish to find, is to be anxious. To the psychiatrist’s mindset, there is a belief a person is “suffering from a mental disorder”. Yet, that is the same to say that the suffering is for presence’s sake. It is not the suffering which is presence. It is always the suffering which is absence.

It is the proven here that the field of psychiatry believes that mental illness is something to be removed. Does not the field comprehend that “removal” has already been undergone, or perhaps was never there? Does not the field comprehend that the ongoing anxiety is a symptom of survival, thereby pertaining itself to “needing necessity”, which would first be shelter?

Love. That is the ingredient, not to be injected, though given of breath, of presence to life, of everything familiar and identifiable.

No person suffers for what is present, rather for what is absent. For the psychiatrist, NP, psychologist, or therapist to say that a symptom like depression must be removed, is same to say that it is a physical problem. It is not a physical matter, as it is metaphysical. It is beyond the physical, therefore making it impossible to be removed, and only ever hidden. Only ever can it be ignored, of what the patient does truly need. Only ever upon gaining back, or receiving for the first time that necessity, can mental illness then be replaced with peace and stability of mind.


  1. True mental illness cannot be removed or cured as it can only be managed to improve as far as possible the quality of life for the patient.

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    1. It’s a slow degeneration. And, I’ll bet that when psychiatrists will first begin to see a mental patient as needing “help”, they’ll see something needing to be removed. Thus, they become the further problem.

      One should remove the mentally ill person from society, to place them in the confines of an institution. But, can one remove what is withering their mind? It is impossible. What must be there, is sheer comprehension. An understanding to what bothers them, that is, and to look upon what hurts that person as everything being absent of their lives, not present.

      If I were in charge of every department of psychiatry that handles mental illness, I would place a deep focus on family therapy. But, where is the money in that, of course? There is no money in treatments that do help.

      Psychiatrists spend close to a decade, in schooling. Yet, they act as pill dispensers, almost like vending machines, to the mentally ill.

      Take an example…

      “Anti-bullying” activists.

      There is nothing more miserable to look upon, for me to analyze, then a so-called anti-bullying activist targeting what they believe should be removed, being the bully. It is not the bully that makes their victim suffer. It is what the victim lacks in their lives, which is the true suffering. A removal? No. A presence. Yes. Perhaps the bullied child never knew companionship of a true kind. This would make the anti-bullying activist on the same level of mindset as any psychiatrist. It is because neither an activist, nor a psychiatrist, can offer anything genuine to ease what is missing. If they did, they’d be offering something called “special treatment”, which no one should have to pay for, to receive. It should be something as swift and true, as love. Though, that’d be unfair to the rest of the patients.

      Attachments are a danger to the psychiatrist’s career. Even a Therapist cannot become personally attached to their patient, due to their oath, that binds them to confidentiality. I mean, Hell, a friend of mine who once worked as a sort of consoler to cancer patients, teared up at the sight of a dying woman. He was reported, and soon fired.

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    2. The cruelty of the 1950’s asylums has only ever transferred itself to subtlety, with today’s treatment to psychiatric issues. It’s the same as a brothel becoming pornography. The same thing, though “safer”.

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