Philosophy – “Victimization is Equivalent to Pampering” – 12/17/2020

“Our hunger increases upon noticing what is wrong, needing to be rid of, in the world. And, for all we see to be wrong, we must consume, must dissect with utensils, to understand. Keeping us beneath, however, in the food chain, we realize soon that when we fatten, we are soon to be consumed, by the wolves who have set the table for us.”

– Modern Romanticism

It has been said. If you consume, then you shall be consumed.

Lives are wasted on the fattening of the self, for the sake of “freedom”. A choice? Perhaps it is only in our desire for what we can eat, pertaining to preference by way of taste or palette, that a person makes a meal out of the world. Our choices, therefore, are limited by what is available, and become more arranged for an order of its deliverance, when we yearn to grow.

When we victimize ourselves, we point to the wrongs of the world, needing to go. Where do they go? Where, if not to be consumed? If not fed to the Earth, then fed to an animal or person. When upon blaming the world, pointing the finger at our surroundings, at society, we comprehend we are regurgitating. For when we do not change ourselves, change our hideousness of fatness, what is around us appears the same, though not for long. We wish for more order, more arrangement, though only of the betterment to the meal, and only for how it appears.

Victimized people are never in blame of themselves. How could they be, when to discover evil in the world, means to believe that the blamer is innocent? The one who points their finger must be innocent, to the guilt of another, representing the deception that is of the person who blames. And, it is “innocence” that translates to denial, in this sense, and perhaps in all definitions to the word. Innocence is denial, directly meaning a person who blames does not wish to become involved in the matter of fixing an issue. And, it is always innocence that is upon the person who never knows what is wrong with themselves. “Acceptance” is, therefore, always for the victimized, while tolerance will be for those who are deemed as wrong in their endeavors. How else does one who lives within a nation, as a citizen, differ from perhaps a refugee? The insider is accepted, while the outsider is merely tolerated.

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