Poem – “Killing what Holds you” – Romanticism – 12/16/2020

A few more seconds
Without much
Left to save,
Else for the breath,
The pieces
Of a bruised heart.

I still wait,
For seconds remain.
Biding time,
Tempting crime,
Watching a speeding clock,
Like the winding return
Upon the broken highway,
Back to my arms.

I release
Only the melted breath,
Without a church, to accompany
The sheer pain,
Once ecstasy.

Her life fades,
A heart
Perceived as purple,
A sky lit
By coming storms
To whisper a tale.

Pages fall
As loose change,
Swift to be taken
By the free, impoverished.

Silent history,
Wasteful hours,
Scenery bloated
With green, too far.

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