Philosophy – “A Critique against the ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement” – 5/10/2021

“Justice is, what denial isn’t. We cannot, as we might, find ourselves to find fault in another, without rejecting our own humanity. Our nature, to be imperfect, to be flawed, is to comprehend that the sides to a coin do not represent a sheer division; rather, they represent what exists to inevitably work towards the other’s needs or conveniences.”

– Modern Romanticism

It is all too alike, as we’re bound to find, that a fragile thing like Justice is often corrupted by the facilities of egotism and ambition. Upon this, what with the specific movement to discuss, that their catering towards the victimization of blacks, has resulted in extensive manipulation of purport. A purpose, by which one finds meaning in it, would ever be manipulated by a highness to one’s attitude, that perhaps had always been.

Among politics, egotism is the place of the survivor. For the one willing to outwit or outsmart the other, a task to manipulate has incredible hold upon those who are swayed to be under their arms. Within their grasp, and then, the manipulation is perceived to be a sight of goodness. How can one comprehend the truth of the politician, when one does not know them? Yet, they’ll admit to somehow knowing the victim, their place for what is needed, comprehend what limits are stirred for the sake of their unlimited power.

No one is ever “empowered”, within this movement, or those alike. The more dependence, the less gain, not the more. This should be common knowledge, though the person most willing to depend is also most unknowingly being deceived and manipulated. Lies are the weapon of politics. To be swayed under a politician’s control, is no longer through force.

No longer do we live in the days of direct and honest tyrants, who would use force to confiscate someone’s property. We now dwell within days when we are told to be living in “different times”, despite such words are, themselves, a deception.

People have not changed. Nothing has, for “change” would represent itself as mere chaos. Change is a synonym for chaos, to be nothing credited as more. To be within the belief that our species has changed, is ever through the essence of deception. That, to conceal ourselves, means that truth is no longer the boldness. We can be deceived, so much with ease, when we wish ourselves to enforce change, though nothing is ever altered.

As it is through chaos that a movement, as this, would be inspired to take up the mantle for the sake of Justice, then it cannot be. Justice cannot be for such a movement, if it speaks of change. We do not change, unless we yearn to dismantle what is, already. Though, to improve, for such is change’s opposite, would mean to never embrace chaos, though the order for which Justice stands.

By fire, such a movement has control, though none. Through flame, such a movement seeks Vengeance, not Justice. Change is uncontrolled, though it is improvement that is. Fire, spread like the wind, same as one’s voice for carrying out an advocation to another change; this is chaos. A chaotic spread, being of an uncontrolled blaze, is where Vengeance finds its home. And, to deceive those into believing one fights for Justice, using flame, is nothing short of a comedic skit.

Same with rage, flame is uncontrolled, if spread over the entirety. Only water, being superior to fire, can douse it.

Though, would such a movement find water, the expression of the vulnerable human nature, as the greater weapon to flame? They’d not, for then they’d no longer be manipulated.

Flames can be manipulated, under the command of who causes them, from those so responsible for decieving the world. Flames dance, as such people for this certain movement can be no more than puppets, made to waltz from corner to corner, hot within the ballroom.

A vulnerable side, a human side, would implore a person to find solutions. True solutions, brought from this vulnerable and human nature of people, not belonging to the inferiority behind fire. Water is superior to fire, thus making a solution formed through being vulnerable as the objectively better option.

Though, why would we find ourselves attracted to the flame? To be warm, of course, for it is an addiction. No longer would we become brave against the coldness of who we are, when we break ourselves down, instead of others. Those dependent on flame, or just dependent, will not go far from it.

Were we to find ourselves as vulnerable, we’d discover that anyone can feel our pain. For this is what flame, or anger, conceals. It conceals hurt.

How is it not plausible to attribute flame to deception, if rage conceals hurt?

If hurt is truth, and truth is hurtful, then flame would be the deception that hides it.

Philosophy – “The Wrongs in Humanity being an Active Focus” – 12/23/2020

“Arrange in any mind the opposite towards what would occur, upon the question that states, ‘What am I?’ Does one comprehend their own identity as a universal understanding among all others, or does it become a special understanding that is segregated from humanity, itself?”

– Modern Romanticism

A monster is humanity not gone, though buried, beneath the Hell a person all feels, suffers from, and releases upon others. How then must a person question their humanity, if not already a monster, if not already confused upon their origin? Are not all origins a light, to then cast a shadow? If one has found comfort in the shadow, then they no longer look upon the light. In their minds, they find themselves to be lost.

Humanity does not need to be a focus. It needs to remain passive, not ever active, in what we innately comprehend of ourselves. That is, to actively believe we should all “be better as human beings”, inevitably causes the opposite to occur. As it is, there is a difference between the active action upon what would be described as “change”, versus the passive realization upon what would be described as “improvement” for another’s life. To be more human, therefore, if made as an active or activist way, becomes more-so the causation of people into more chaotic persons.

As a focus, one realizes their humanity came to be, at birth, though would not remember themselves, with the future. Would one then need to remind themselves they are not a psychopath? Would such a reminder become a training upon the mind? Why must it be an active movement to comprehend ourselves as not monsters, though simply human? It should then be assumed that only a monster would question their humanity.

To then oppose upon others that their humanity is forgone, would make such active or activist groups who promote humanity, become also displayed as the only sorts to be human. They become the special ones, all seeks to recruit more specialness into their fold. Again, how is it to be human, anything special? One should only be “deemed special”, as a human, when they have personally engaged with a broken person, to then become a friend who is special to said hurt individual. That is, people are only special, when they are held in a certain light by another. Such would mean that no one is special simply by their personal admittance to it.

Quote – “In Order for a Person to be Inwardly Accepted…” – 12/18/2020

“For a person to be inwardly accepted, they must not place before or upon themselves an external barrier of hideousness, of one that will most certainly turn another away, in judgement. External barriers become the same as vandalizing one’s flesh, without the naturalism that will allow smooth passage through to the internal. If a person places up a guard, it becomes more about the challenge to tear that down or see past it, rather than the challenge of close connection within the internal.”

– Modern Romanticism

Philosophy – “Victimization is Equivalent to Pampering” – 12/17/2020

“Our hunger increases upon noticing what is wrong, needing to be rid of, in the world. And, for all we see to be wrong, we must consume, must dissect with utensils, to understand. Keeping us beneath, however, in the food chain, we realize soon that when we fatten, we are soon to be consumed, by the wolves who have set the table for us.”

– Modern Romanticism

It has been said. If you consume, then you shall be consumed.

Lives are wasted on the fattening of the self, for the sake of “freedom”. A choice? Perhaps it is only in our desire for what we can eat, pertaining to preference by way of taste or palette, that a person makes a meal out of the world. Our choices, therefore, are limited by what is available, and become more arranged for an order of its deliverance, when we yearn to grow.

When we victimize ourselves, we point to the wrongs of the world, needing to go. Where do they go? Where, if not to be consumed? If not fed to the Earth, then fed to an animal or person. When upon blaming the world, pointing the finger at our surroundings, at society, we comprehend we are regurgitating. For when we do not change ourselves, change our hideousness of fatness, what is around us appears the same, though not for long. We wish for more order, more arrangement, though only of the betterment to the meal, and only for how it appears.

Victimized people are never in blame of themselves. How could they be, when to discover evil in the world, means to believe that the blamer is innocent? The one who points their finger must be innocent, to the guilt of another, representing the deception that is of the person who blames. And, it is “innocence” that translates to denial, in this sense, and perhaps in all definitions to the word. Innocence is denial, directly meaning a person who blames does not wish to become involved in the matter of fixing an issue. And, it is always innocence that is upon the person who never knows what is wrong with themselves. “Acceptance” is, therefore, always for the victimized, while tolerance will be for those who are deemed as wrong in their endeavors. How else does one who lives within a nation, as a citizen, differ from perhaps a refugee? The insider is accepted, while the outsider is merely tolerated.

Quote – “Why Respect is Objectively Earned” – 9/21/2020

“Were a person to believe respect as automatic, then they confuse it for love. It is always that a person wishes to be noticed, making them inevitably in yearning for love. Respect, however, is always earned, because were it not, we could respect anyone. We could loosely ‘respect’ the psychopath, and their ways. We could loosely ‘respect’ the pedophile, and their ways. To love any sadist, merely means to utilize criticism that would indeed back the imperfect person from their faults, to a time when they weren’t faulted. In this sense, love turns the imperfection to a perfection.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “The Fool who Dislikes the Facts” – 9/4/2020

“It matters little whether one approves or disapproves, or likes or dislikes, or agrees or disagrees with the facts. What does matter is the immediate acceptance of them, regardless of one’s personal feelings towards them.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “In Love, a Person Communicates, Understands, and Forgives” – 7/28/2020

“A human is so much a human, when they will be willing to punish. How else is God described, besides the one who forgives the sinner?

A human, a punisher, and it is only because they have a form to feel pleasure through, that they will do this. A human craves. And, in what they crave, they punish another to deal pain, learning another’s weakness.

Though, through love, a person can communicate to understand, and in that understanding, a person learns to forgive. Learn the tale, before the judgement to punish, and one can judge a person’s truest fault, being their humanity. In this, they will comprehend themselves the same as another.

They will break themselves like not waves against the shore, though against each other. They now know each other’s storm, and they can connect in the calm.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “When Prejudice Remains as Prejudice” – 6/13/2020

“Fear is the emotion where prejudice originates. To eliminate prejudice, would mean to eliminate fear. To eliminate fear, would mean to eliminate love. Because, to have any reason in the world to be brave, represents why fear is cloaking one’s shoulders, in the first place. That is, to be brave, means that one is feeling fear. One cannot be brave, without first feeling fear. One cannot be in love, without a need to demolish what one fears. What one can fear, most of all, is to trust another, which involves love. When we allow someone else to love us, we are trusting another, with our most guarded secrets, with our differences. For the reason why love is said to be unlimited, is because fear will always represent humanity’s convenience in only being for themselves, while love will remedy that mere convenience by way of offering what one needs. Trust and acceptance are what one needs, by way of realizing that to have such things, one must feel fear, so that one can love and be brave.

Therefore, prejudice cannot ever be eliminated, without first eliminating fear, and then one eliminates love. Whatever drug-inducing method will eliminate fear, will eliminate all bravery, all need to stand up for oneself. Thus, one has put an end to the human spirit.”

– Anonymous

A Note on Bereavement – “Depression, the 4th Stage of Grief” – 6/7/2020

It is initial, that one will be in the stage of denial, while anger will accompany it, soon after. One, in denial, is frustrated that the matter took place, that the loss took place, as such anger will spark tears. One lashes out, because acceptance is so far away from the current tension.

In recent months, I have experienced these stages.

After the first (denial) and the second (anger), there is the third stage, being bargaining. It is the begging and the pleading for something to be relived of what moments a grieving individual had. It is those moments when relief is connected. We do not cry in the stage of bargaining. Because, there are snippets, small fragments of hope that are wanted to be there. It is fueled by the previous stage of denial, as anger is the response from us once the bargaining fails.

Once the bargaining fails, we are welcomed with the fourth stage, being depression.

The 4th stage of grief, being depression, is the stage where we finally realize there is no hope for that person’s return to us.

It is when all denial, anger, and bargaining seems pointless in its spoken aloud words.

This depression is the stage where me, as the blogger to this post, is at in the process of grieving.

The 4th stage of grief, being depression, is when a grieving person feels the weight of the void at its heaviest. The weight of the loss is so much magnified in its feeling that it distorts thought, distorts all things that normally would make sense to the griever.

What comes of the 5th stage is acceptance.

Acceptance is only ever achieved, as it can be thought on, when a person in grief has found new meaning through a realization. A realization that says upon that person that there is indeed many things in this world to fill that gap, that space, that void.

A grieving individual, like me, must realize what remains, versus what has been lost.

“Self-Discovery” is the Act of Discovering an Ugly Past

“Each human individually places their ugliness to the past, everything they dislike about themselves to the past; though, when they begin to be encouraged to discover themselves, accept themselves, they are within the act of reliving what they dislike about themselves, and they never improve. To see the past as something to put behind, a tragedy, perhaps, to remember, but never relive, is to objectively see the word ‘ugly’ as something of self-discovery.”

A Debunk – “A Liberation of Humanity turns Slavery into a Necessity” – Philosophy – 9/7/2019

There is nothing more enjoyable for a human than for them to see where the light is taking them, should that light not lead them to a place where the light has faded. And in today’s world, where “liberation” has become the most prominent of words, there is something very unruly and undisciplined in the word, itself.

We have called upon “freedom” like it were a necessity. Though, have such people ever considered what “freedom” looks like, when it stares at us like the eyes of a child, or of the animals that in today’s time, we preserve for their lives? We adore children, turn them towards the opinions of politics; and, for animals, should we see them within the realm of cruelty, we’ll be most intolerant of it, more-so than for a human.

We see “freedom”, not in the protection of a child, but in the child’s ignorance. We see “freedom”, not in an animal’s protection, but in the animal’s undeveloped mind. As well, ignorance for that animal, and we once more see ourselves in a space of question.

“Freedom” would make the child ever-more curious. “Freedom” would make the animal willing to develop and evolve, out of Nature’s touch. Though, both would require a master to teach them.

Question is where the “power of reason” originates. Liberation is not a place born out of answers to any problem. It creates the numerous intricacies born within a realm of lies and deception. “Question” is a place where an answer to a large and ancient question cannot be found, so one is content with merely the question. In today’s time, it is common for an answer or a statement to be responded to with a question. It is also common, in today’s time, for complexity to be made from simplicity.

In the past, when religion was our guide, we were infatuated with an answer. In today’s time, we are infatuated with a question. Today’s question, being, “What can I make of myself?” The previous answer, of former times, being, “This is who I am, and there’s nothing I may do for it.” Acceptance, therefore, was more in the hands of former times. These were times of what we know, today, to be “enslavement”. It is differed from today’s time, that is a time for “possibility”.

Would it then be so simple to comprehend that the Universe had created an answer of its own self, out of a question? That, to reject the nature of chromosomes for each gender, that which we do in today’s time, is to reject the Universe, itself? That, because we do this, we make a question out of an answer? That, the Universe had only wanted to create pure acceptance out of a question, when forming an answer? That, because nothing is ever solved today, that this is the reason for our continual confusion?

Slavery is the necessity for humanity, when in the realm of guidance, not cruelty. For a leader must lead through example, and never force.