Poem – “Beneath your Window, I stand” – Romanticism – 12/18/2020

Crossed in brush,
Filled with tears,
The breaking heart
Becomes healed, today.

Your face,
Once a distant sun,
Now the closest warmth
With the simplest ray
To find me
On the forgotten road.
I have led you,
Or have you led me?

I feel the wind,
Taste my droplets.
And still,
Your name
Is a stilled particle
On my unpractical tongue,
While the rain in my heart
Continues to fall.

I write my pages,
Swimming in all things
To surround my aching shores,
Where crimson flows
With the rest of history.

Where I shall wake,
When I shall break
In your arms,
Is an uncertain guess,
For the misguided west,
When all things descend,
As all things shall end.

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