Love Quote – “This Perfection of You” – 12/31/2020

“No, dear. Betterment to yourself is never necessary. Betterment to myself, always is. As long as you remain perfect for my eyes, you need not change, as only through my love will you rise. If I keep myself from beast-hood, from the monster to which once hurt you, I can make you float above. Your perfection needn’t change, for that is how love conquers your heart, to make the arrows dance away from other quivers, to recreate and remind you to the wholeness always of yourself.”

– Modern Romanticism

3 thoughts on “Love Quote – “This Perfection of You” – 12/31/2020”

  1. This is like a mirror reflecting two people with different sides, one seeing the faults, one that doesn’t. That’s very powerful. It’s also saying that even with one’s faults, the narrator sees the best in them that they can’t, that even with their faults, they are still incredible despite what they feel that holds them back intrinsically. When finally remembering who they really are, they can eventually feel whole as the narrator states.

    That’s truly captivating and beautiful. I hope you have a Happy New Year!

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