Poem – “The Places where we Gathered” – Romanticism – 1/1/2021

Hold a row
Of shells, to your throat
While the wings within Heaven
Call a bird down to us.
We are one step from the other
On this lasting voyage,
Through moons that turns their faces,
From stars that spill their heat
To the other end of Earth.

I am released, now,
Hidden, now,
With watching gaze
To the delicacy in your every move,
Where winds pick up
Your fragrance along the path,
Like loosened leaves in the brink of Autumn,
As the snow during the midst of Winter.

We wilt
As the embers, for petals,
For ivy, in the grains of a distant Spring.
We see where we sang
Of the clouds that never parted,
To merely downpour
All sorrows of all supposedly
Needless remembrances.

Love is a milestone
Hurled into a pond,
Skipped upon a lake,
And sunken through the ocean.
As we see ourselves
Far apart, though close enough
To watch the other’s smile fade,
We see ourselves slowly wake
To the warmth of sunrise.

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