Poem – “To the Hour of your Beauty” – Romanticism – 1/5/2021

By thy guiding stem,
Bending in folds
Of skin, to curves saturated
By the beads to a hot night,
Receded by my cold breath,

Lawful in your breadth.

Caught of winds for vapor to my nostrils,
To my lips,
Climbing your form
To the peak of Heaven’s self.

Just a child,
Am I,
With finality to my every word,
Just a syllable lost to the floor,
Where your clothes have been tossed,
One by one
To the sea of your mimicry.

Bleed what nakedness
Surmises the mount of you,
Where love can cast
Eyes upon thy face, entwined.

By the ropes to have bandaged you,
Stopping short
The tears that have fallen
From a stare, never aware
To the words I have written for you.

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