Poem – “The Place where Green Collected” – Romanticism – 1/6/2021

Finding the spring
Drenched and clotted
In unclosed eyes,
Hearing you
Down long passageways
In my tumbling mind,
Gathering moss
To your dying expression.

Find what kills
The emptiness unclothed
In your sobering heart.
Once to drink
Of lust, in its unending voyage
Across miles of skin,

Sending devils roaming
About in unshaved sin.

Gather together
Raindrops that spill sideways
From clouds that mock your intent
To seek the answer within the stars,
Beyond the concealment
Of dreadful overcast.

Gather dew-covered soil,
To send the galloping herds home
Away from where you stand,
Hurting the most,
Holding the least

As you dine on birth of your hour
In the first sunrise.

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