Chapter Three – Part III – “Defeat for Self-Love” – From “The Disregarding of Science to the Mind” – 1/8/2021

Love for the self does not dig deep, for no person can empathize with themselves. If one has no comprehension for what one struggles with, then this supposed “self-love” will linger upon the exterior, because it is the same as finding comfort in deception. Deception or self-deception, with the latter being the chosen usage of description for this, is how a person applies “self-love” to their appearances. In refraining from believing themselves hideous, they only not judge nor shame who they are, because this sort of love is always false. That is due to such a deception upon the self cannot ever be the judgement that understands. Love is a judgement, being one that entertains to the deeper and more concealed parts of another human being. It is then always what is not of us, being of others, where empathy extends itself.

When a person relies on identification for the self, comprehends this as the only way for them to be proud, then they have automatically renounced empathy. Their loss of humanity, by this regard, is due to the refusal of coinciding “identity” with that of another person. As it is, each person who solely wishes to identify as themselves, in believing this uniqueness defines or redefines themselves, have been lost on all levels of empathy.

It is that empathy is the identification upon someone else, to see one’s own reflection in another as a way to understand that hurt is the same, by all walks of life. If such people of their “self-identification” ideology could ever comprehend the idea behind identifying with another, they’d regain their touch with empathy. Due to not being in such a mindset of empathy, their only path is the one of the narcissist.

If a person rejects judgement, then they reject love or the genuine care and concern offered by someone else. Thus, by this rejection, trust has also been refused. From this, trust breaks, and division is the causation to which two people cannot unite in the creation of it.

A chaotic heart is always something which displays itself by misused trust, broken vows, and the sheer abandonment of one’s nobility. One has wanted a choice, and what comes from this is always the chaos that never relates to objectively correct actions. To be “objectively correct” in what one does, is to never have a choice, pertaining here to how a person who possesses genuine care for another person. They feel no choice but to help them. They point out a flawed person’s issues, out of care.

Because of the rejection of such “judgement”, that flawed person rejects love. This becomes the “self-love” through which a person places upon external or appearance-wise matters of themselves. It is again to wonder on how a person can empathize with themselves, when a person who claims to love themselves only cares for what they can instantly understand. It always takes more contemplation to understand the deeper and more embedded faults. However, such a period of contemplation will not come quick enough, if such issues are deconstructing an individual with more swiftness. This is to say that “self-love” may perhaps regenerate what is damaged outside of the person, so that a good appearance can attract better friendships. Are the betterment to these new friendships, only the result of lacking empathy? As an example, those who smoke surround themselves with others who do the same. Nothing of empathy, even in such an example, would result in the digging out of those deeper matters. It is this, if all a person of “self-love” does is bury their concerns even further by continuing to tend to the outside.

It must be the case, that when a person has no outside empathy given towards themselves, their only option becomes to tend to what is damaged, externally. How does external and physical healing bring about the reveal of what perhaps is not being opened up to others? There are those who adopt a mask, as this becomes the new “identity” for a supposed “hero” who claims to have become the “person they were hiding from”. Of superheros within comics, could it be said that their heroism is a divide between what they truly are within, and who they are pretending to be on the outside? This would make their costume and mask the mere lie, while their true identity has yet to be revealed.

Who could understand the superhero, empathize with or perhaps even save them from inner turmoil? By the same example, how does a superhero who repairs their costume after a battle still live up to the truth of who they are, within themselves, without still constantly burying that pain?

Unity has no partake of commonality without identified common factors, as empathy has no way to dig without comparison in what underlies all the overlying stains.

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