Healthcare – “Why Individual Concern is Best” – 1/8/2021

“Go on. Laze around. Tell yourself the problem will disappear, if you just place yourself in a hospital. For if there is no greater source than the source, itself, then the cure cannot touch it if a person never admits to themselves as the problem.”

– Modern Romanticism

Accountability. Responsibility. Discipline. These are the factors rarely ever acquired, by your average supposed individualist. There are those who display themselves as images, because a picture cannot alter itself without deception. To cover the truth, requires a mindset unwilling to expose oneself not as an image of difference, though as the recognition in which another person could identify with.

This is the empathy it requires to resolve another person’s issue, through one’s love and genuine concern for them. Why would we only wish to identify with ourselves, in displaying pride for our held differences, if not only to be proud for what is wrong with us, because no one cares for us?

This is the truth that states healthcare to change will only be the lie that conceals what a person inherently comprehends is their true problem. It is not in whatever disease they hold, as it is in what caused the disease. Even of genetic diseases and disorders, there had still been a long line of irresponsibility that had caused such. To imagine that example as a long line in a family history of drug addicts, to make offspring after offspring possessing numerous genetic deficiencies, was not something simply to blame on birth. There was individual fault in that example.

In making Healthcare “free for all” only embeds a longstanding problem, that deals with individual irresponsibility. The more irresponsibility is shared among people, the more burden is placed on the Healthcare system. This same example would go for a family, where the more negligence is existent among it, the more conflict and the more desired outside reliance for a “cure” to it. How is a marriage counselor going to be effective at solving nuptial conflict, if the two spouses do not see the individual necessity to solve what is wrong? This is the same reason why rehabilitation centers for addicts do not work, much of the time.

Do the same people who stick to being irresponsible, somehow support divorce and ruined families? Are they this sadistic? They must be, if these mindsets easily align.

Do the same people who support Healthcare as “free for all”, somehow also support the negligence it requires to sink oneself into a state of individualist decline? Do some of these people make a habit of scorning the common person who dares to have the strength to pick themselves back up?

Are these people perhaps those who would say a person who attempts or successfully commits suicide was “brave”, though would say to a person who found a way out of their depression that they are a “coward”?

These are the people without empathy, selfish in the mind to believe that if no one cares for them, they can care for themselves only in displaying themselves as an image. As it is, an image or sameness only ever changes if a lie is added to it, to conceal what is truly wrong. It’s the same as smearing the world with paint, so that the underlying universal understanding never shows. Perhaps that is why people are “proud”, to display their own flag as every color of the rainbow, representing the lies they use to conceal what is truly the source of the issue.

How many people who put themselves out there as an image, said to “come out of the closet” to “show themselves”, are cited as “brave” individuals? If this is the case, then why not forget those people who saved the lives of others, in their worst moments? Why not forget the people who died on battlefields? Because, if one merely believes that image is the best reason to show bravery in a cause, then just show every person who committed suicide, of one life that was never saved, on a pedestal for its image. If that becomes ever the case, we’d never understand what heroism truly is.

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